THE heartbroken parents of a Hoyland schoolgirl who died suddenly last week have paid tribute to their ‘kind-hearted’ and ‘forgiving’ daughter.

Daisy Young, 14, was found unresponsive by her dad Chris last Thursday, just 20 minutes after she was making videos for her TikTok channel.

She was rushed to Barnsley Hospital and began to come round, but died later that day - leaving a devastating hole in her family’s life.

Daisy’s mum, 44-year-old Jane, told the Chronicle: “She had such a kind heart.

“She was so loving, caring and forgiving.

“Even when she was bullied at school she never held grudges against anyone.

“We found out that two months ago she sat with someone for two-and-a-half hours trying to talk them out of killing themselves.

“She never told us about that - she always did what she thought was right.

“She was so sassy but never rude - she was so funny.”

Daisy was one of nine children - having had three older sisters and five younger brothers - and Jane said she was a ‘breeze’ to bring up.

No cause has yet been attributed to Daisy’s sudden death - something which has made the ordeal even harder for the family.

“She’d been diagnosed with a viral infection a few days before and she was just feeling generally under the weather,” she added.

“Forty minutes before she was found she was laughing and joking with her dad.

“Then 20 minutes before she was making TikTok videos.

“Her dad then found her unresponsive and she was rushed to hospital where she became stable - but she crashed three times and on the third time the doctors couldn’t do anything.

“It was all so sudden.

“She’s had a post-mortem examination but nothing has come up - we’ve got to wait 12 weeks now to find out anything.

“It’s rough right now and we’re all struggling to understand everything.

“We’ve got no inkling as to how she’s died and that’s going to be so difficult.”

Since her death, one of Jane’s friends Sammie Prior has set up a fundraiser - and the local and wider community has rallied around the family to raise almost £3,000.

Sammie said: “No parent should ever have to go through what Jane and Chris are going through.

“Anyone who knows the family will know how close-knit they all are.

“Daisy was an amazing young lady with a heart of gold, we are truly thankful to have her in all our lives.

“I set up the fundraiser in order to try and take a little financial strain off the family, while they take the time to process everything.

“All the funds raised will go to Jane and Chris to enable them to give Daisy the send off she truly deserves.”

A link to the fundraiser - which has left the family ‘overwhelmed’ - can be found on the Barnsley Chronicle website.

“Daisy never really had a massive friend group, but it’s been very apparent since her death just how loved and how much she meant to people,” Jane said.

“The fundraiser is so overwhelming.

“It’s not just the Go Fund Me page either, there’s a balloon release taking place on Saturday at the Family Shopper field on West Street at 6pm - and on November 10 there’s going to be ‘Daisy’s Day’.

“Life without Daisy is going to be tough.”