GROWING pleas for anti-speeding measures to be brought in - almost two years after residents first called for action - are set to be answered after council bosses confirmed worst-first roads will be assessed.

Green Road, in Dodworth, came under the spotlight at a Barnsley Town Hall meeting last month when Coun Sam Christmas urged the local authority’s highways team to roll out speed indicator devices on the stretch.

Coun Christmas, who represents the Liberal Democrats in the Dodworth ward, took over the campaign from his predecessor, ex-councillor Peter Fielding, who first called for action almost two years ago.

He said: “Something has to be done on Green Road as cars travel at high speeds in both directions, whether they’re driving towards Silkstone or coming into Dodworth.

“There’s also a side street - Ratten Row - whose residents have the unenviable task of getting out onto Green Road with little visibility.

“Add speeding into that equation and it’s clear something has to change.

“I’d like the speed indicator devices - which the council promised - to finally arrive as they do make drivers think about how fast they’re going.

“There’s been delays and subsequently residents are in the dark.

“It is a reoccurring issue and reflects badly on both councillors and the council as a whole.”

According to the council, a review on Green Road revealed an average speed of 28.38mph - but Coun Christmas refuted the figure.

Since 2019, 15,577 notices of intended prosecution relating to speeding have been issued in the town, and more than 200,000 by South Yorkshire Police across the county.

Coun James Higginbottom, cabinet spokesperson for highways and environment, added: “A review began last week and elected members will then be briefed on the new programme for deployment when this is finalised.

“We’ve faced challenges in the traffic team but we’re working through these now, yet there is still an extremely high workload.

“I can confirm we have monitored the average speed at that came back as 28.38mph on Green Road.

“All historic sites put forward will be reviewed by the traffic team to make sure that they are consistent with the revised policy.

“Ensuring the safety of all road users is of paramount importance.

“And although there will inevitably be fluctuations on yearly stats, the overall trend over the past decade is a reduction in casualties.

“We will continue to take the necessary steps to accelerate this trend and to improve the safety of our highway network for all road users.”