A BABY was taken to hospital this morning after being attacked by his usually ‘loving and affectionate’ family dog.

The Cane Corso X showed no previous signs of aggression, according to the family.

But it left the ten-month-old boy requiring surgery at hospital.

The incident was out of character for the dog, who has no previous history of aggression, and no reports of community concerns had been made to the police.

The owner of the dog described him as being ‘pleasant’ and ‘affectionate’ with children.

Dog Legislation Officer PC Paul Jameson said: “We were called at 7.42am this morning to a property in Hoyland, following a young child being attacked and bitten by a family dog.

“Our early enquiries with the family highlighted that the dog was not previously reported to be of an aggressive nature, and this was a family who took precautions and are responsible owners.

“An incident like this is a stark reminder that regardless of a dog’s nature, or previous interactions with children, other dogs and people, they are animals and their innate instinct to protect themselves which can result in serious injuries and sometimes fatality.”