The last few years haven’t been easy for individuals across the UK. With a cost of living crisis and many feeling like wages don’t match outgoings, more and more people are turning to the potential of branching out online to make additional income. Businesses and even freelancers are seeing some significant success, and those with a strong digital presence and good brand sentiment are standing out from the crowd. With social media and networking websites providing a platform to reach audiences on a global scale, marketing and content are going to be the top ways to ensure that goals are met.

A simple yet creative approach to content creation

It’s never been easier to get established online, whether you want to leverage your skills, start an e-commerce store, or work remotely. Whatever method or niche you pick, your online presence will be the first place potential clients will look to learn more about your products or services. Where once written content would have been pivotal, photos and videos are now an important way to ensure messages are put across, understood and interacted with.

There are now so many tools on the web that can help with automation and make working online simple, and an AI driven creative suite can be utilised to bring a new level of engagement.

With websites like CapCut, editing is free, requires no previous experience and offers results at a professional level that are sure to convert.

This suite comprises some fantastic tools alongside traditional editing protocols, such as:

*Standard editing capabilities with intuitive trimming, cutting and resizing

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*Unlimited multi track editing

*AI auto captioning

*Background removal

*Thousands of watermark free photo and video templates

*An extensive library of trending music and sound effects

Many suites will have at least some of these tools, but this combination has been expertly curated to ensure that users will have everything in one place. When creating a free account, you’ll also have access to secure cloud storage and won’t have to worry about importing and exporting any more than the source material (and even this has drag and drop or one click functionality). Projects can even be shared straight to the top social media sites, to streamline the process even further. CapCut also has a wide range of additional editing tools on its website, including a video editor for YouTube. This could be a worthwhile selection for those who want to try their hand at social influencing or diversifying their brand reach.

Why is content so important?

A traditional approach to business is no longer going to impact modern audiences. You will need to post on social media frequently, provide content that sparks interest and build communities that support your brand. To keep up-to-date with the latest trends and get seen as a worthwhile selection now means having a diverse and accessible presence in digital spaces. Visual content has been the number one way to do just that in 2023 and will continue to go strong in 2024.

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