EMMANUEL Church will be hosting a charity concert to continue its support of schoolchildren in Uganda.

For a number of years the church, on Huddersfield Road, has been supporting the charity Africa With Love, which has built schools in the village of Kyajubira.

More than 30 children there are sponsored by the people of Barnsley, which inspired church members to organise a fundraising concert with the Yorkshire Military Band - who also have ties to the charity - titled ‘It’s Showtime’ on January 28.

Member of the church, Carol Higgins, said: “My husband and I have sponsored children for about 18 years.

“It all started when the founders of the charity decided to bring the school’s choir over to England to do some shows.

“They did a concert at the church, we went to go see it and knew then that we wanted to help out.”

Over the years many churchgoers joined in to support, all of whom have recently been collecting treats for the children, which they will donate in February when four sponsors head over to the village.

Around 15 boxes containing clothes, bedding, and school equipment have already been collected, with the church hoping to gather more by the time they travel.

“These children don’t have a lot, but they’re always very happy,” Carol added.

“Many are orphans, some have one parent but most have none at all.

“It means that a lot end up boarding at the schools, so they can get three meals a day, which they wouldn’t otherwise.

“Whenever we go down we make sure there’s lots of goodies for them - the children are always so excited when we arrive.”