A TOTAL of 32 bags of rubbish were cleared by volunteer litter pickers last weekend.

Members of the Wath, West Melton and Brampton Litter Pickers were out in force to tidy up the area around Pontefract Road, Manvers Way and close to the RSPB Old Moor site near Brampton.

It is a regular hotspot for the group.

A spokesperson said: “It is a little disheartening to keep going over the same old ground for it to be equally as bad when we revisit.

“A whopping 32 bags were cleared from the pick and we could have stayed out longer to clear more.

“It’s such a massive haul from such a small area. What would it look like without our team?

“Not sure how long it will last but it was left as nature intended.

“Thank you everyone the waves, peeps and thumbs up. It really spurs us on to continue a thankless task.”

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The bags were swiftly taken away by Streetpride.