THE daughter of a Barnsley man who has been missing for almost five years has slammed South Yorkshire Police for their ‘disgusting’ handling of his disappearance - and she admits that all she wants is her dad to be found ‘dead or alive’.

Richard Dyson went missing on November 17 in 2019 and, despite numerous appeals from the police, his whereabouts still remain unknown.

CCTV footage - which was taken the day before Richard’s disappearance - shows him pulling up to a petrol station on Sheffield Road, Birdwell, at around 10.30pm.

He exits his Land Rover Freelander - with the registration T321 POW - before entering the petrol station’s shop.

He then returns to his car, opens the bonnet and checks something before driving away.

However, he was last seen on November 17 at 11pm, walking towards the A6135 Sheffield Road in Hoyland, close to Parkside Cottage near to where he had been staying.

Richard is described as about 5ft 10in tall with short grey hair and was wearing a navy Kappa jacket with white stitching.

In March 2021, two men were arrested on suspicion of murder and released after questioning as police enquiries continued.

In July last year, the two men, aged 69 and 70, were re-arrested on suspicion of the same offence.

The police have confirmed they are still on bail though they have not been charged.

Richard’s daughter, 23-year-old Bethany, has called on the force to do more to help solve the case.

She told the Chronicle: “I was 19 when my dad went missing - I’m 24 in six months’ time.

“It’s been extremely difficult - every day seems to become harder.

“Some days I just feel like I will get that bit of hope of him being found.

“But the lack of support I have received from South Yorkshire Police throughout the whole investigation is disgusting.”

The recent revelation regarding those arrested being on police bail has also left Bethany frustrated.

“Myself and those close to my dad are suffering with no answers,” she added.

“Why did they get arrested and then released on bail?

“The police are fast enough to trace any drug-related crime down, but my dad is still missing.

“I have had no contact from them in years.

“I don’t know what’s happening with the case whatsoever.

“It’s like it’s been brushed under the carpet - it’s shocking.”

Her dad’s heartbreaking disappearance hasn’t allowed her any closure - and she now admits all she wants is for Richard to be found ‘dead or alive’.

“I have zero closure,” she said.

“I have no answers - I don’t know where he is.

“Is he still out there?

“Is he being held hostage?

“Is he dead?

“I’ve not even been able to bury my own father - I’ll never have closure until I know the truth.

“I want my dad to be found.

“I need to know where he is, I need to know why this has happened and why the case in my eyes this has been brushed aside.

“How will I ever get closure or peace when I don’t know anything?”

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Knowles told the Chronicle the force has sympathy for Richard’s family.

He added: “Our thoughts remain with Richard’s family and friends as our investigation into his disappearance continues.

“In July 2023, we re-arrested two men on suspicion of murder.

“They have since been bailed.

“Our investigation to establish what happened to Richard when he went missing on November 17, 2019 is ongoing, and our detectives are continuing to carry out enquiries and analyse evidence.

“For charges to be secured in any investigation, an evidential threshold must be met to show that an arrested person committed the offence.

“In this particular case, I have a lot of sympathy for Richard’s family who have still no answers four years on.

“We believe there are people in the community who know what happened to Richard and hold crucial information which could end this turmoil for his loved ones.

“No matter how insignificant the information you have may seem, I ask you to please get in touch with us.

“You can contact us via our online live chat, our online portal or call 101.

“Please quote incident number 459 of November 25, 2019 when you get in touch.”