A FURIOUS mother is asking the council why glass shards left across the water jets outside Barnsley Town Hall were not cleared up after her 11-year-old son suffered wounds as a result.

Nertil Meci was playing in the water feature with other children as young as two last Friday when the incident took place.

His mother, Amy Westwood, told the Chronicle: “His dad owns the restaurant Bistro Romano’s across the street.

“It was sunny weather so my son was playing around the town hall with other young children, all around two or three.

“There were quite a few of them because it was hot.

“In the jets there was something that looked like a smashed bottle he accidentally ran into it and cut open his foot.

“We rushed him to A and E because it was quite deep we ended up spending three hours there, not waiting but actually getting treatment and trying to remove all the glass.”

Nertil is still recovering, and although he has returned to school, he is struggling with his mobility and has had to stop taking part in football and karate practice.

“It could be a lot worse,” Amy added.

“It would be especially bad if one of the younger children ran into it.

“I just can’t understand why that happened in an area that is designed for kids.

“Surely someone should be checking the area regularly in the good weather it was obvious that children would be using the fountains and so this should have been checked as a priority.”

Barnsley Council’s Matt O’Neill, Executive Director, Growth and Sustainability, said: “We hope that the young boy is okay and healing well.

“We take littering very seriously, particularly when it can lead to injuries to children who play in the fountains.

“The people responsible for this incident are those who, without consideration for anyone else, thoughtlessly dump litter.

“Once we were informed of the incident, we immediately cleaned it up. This is an important public space which is checked and maintained regularly.”

“The fountains are an ornamental water feature and are for the enjoyment of all the residents of the borough, however we do recognise that children play in them. We therefore advise people using the fountains to double check the area, particularly if they or their children are not wearing shoes."