If you enjoy leisurely strolls along river embankments and listening to nature in all its hustle and bustle as you walk with the sun beaming down on you then making the most of those moments means spending as much time there as possible. This also hints that you may well be doing a lot of walking and certainly clocking in those desired miles and steps, so the proper footwear is a must.

Too often we think that if we want to walk for an hour or more we need to find top-of-range walking or hiking boots, but they can be heavy, hot, and more often than not used only once. Thankfully there is something that offers both ultra-comfort, design, and dare we say style, all while providing the foot support you need that isn’t claustrophobic or constricting.

We are talking about the humble yet underestimated flip-flop. And when it comes to picturesque locations like the river Dearne in South Yorkshire with all its beauty just waiting to be explored, what better way than popping on a pair of your favorite white flip flops (we love a neutral color that works for everyone, and with every ensemble) and walking along (and in) the river rapids?

Life by the water is something that soothes the soul and is the perfect way to unwind and release life's stresses.

Loving life and looking good in the process

So knowing that river walks are on the cards for the upcoming summer season, and the best way to get some fresh air into your lungs, and that flip-flops are the way forward, how do you know which flip-flops to choose with so many options on the market?

Well, we have done the leg work for you and curated the top 3 elements to consider for choosing flip flops, and with these tips you will be walking in comfort and style in no time.

· Size and support – The right size footwear makes all the difference. There is nothing worse than your heel touching the ground while you walk or your feet flapping with each step because the footwear is too big. Be sure to measure your feet beforehand, or in-store, and try them on while in the shop. You also ideally want something that offers support while you walk, some cushioning, and not paper thin.

· Heel height and comfort – A thicker sole or a heeled option is a better choice to offer more padding with each stride and makes for a more comfortable step, and when it comes to comfort you can’t compromise.

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· Reviews and trends – People like to give an opinion and this is the best way to see how the flip-flops hold up. If it is a quality brand then you can be sure you know you are investing in a product well-made and hearing people confirm this will help with the decision-making. Not only that, a pair of white flip-flops is certainly a classic, more neutral color that is truly timeless and can be worn through many seasons. Who doesn’t love a linen summer suit with flip-flops to keep it casual when heading to sundowners at the river café?

The river song

Being out in the wild, in the environment of nature brings with it an essence of serenity. For years we have seen the river Dearne explode with new wildlife from grey wagtails with their summery yellow bellies, to kingfishers along the banks, and a reservoir filled with fish that can grow up to a meter in length. There is no better day out, and knowing you can stop for a picnic along the river with its gentle flow as your backdrop, it is like something from your dreams, only you get to bask in the reality of its beauty while enjoying the sunshine.

We may not realize it at times because we are constantly on the go with life and schedules as full and as busy as ever, but your mental health and well-being need a moment of rejuvenation too, and the calm of water can help.

With that being said, if you are looking for a calm day out away from the city and built-up areas then a walk along the river day out is just what you need. Grab your picnic blanket and snacks, pop on your newly purchased flip-flops which are just as quick and easy to kick off as you set up your luncheon on the grass, and head to the riverside for a well-deserved time out.

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