WORK to tidy up a litter-strewn area near a town centre supermarket is stepping up.

Concerns around Morrisons, on Westway, and its surrounding areas have been brought up by local residents and shoppers.

Amid claims that the waste had attracted vermin, it’s now been confirmed that work to boost its appearance had started.

The Chronicle understands that discarded needles believed to have been involved in drug-taking have hindered progress since complaints were made in February.

Paul Price, a town centre warden, said: “I understand ongoing concerns in relation to this land and we do recognise that there are issues, however we do have a process to follow when dealing with matters of this nature.

“I met with the new contractor on site at Morrisons last week and completed a walkthrough of the whole grounds.

“There is a lot of work to pick up on and after attending the site, I believe they are making significant progress.

“Once the vegetation has been cut back, they will then commence with a full litter-pick, however they are being hindered by the sheer amount of used sharps that they have found, which for health and safety will take a little longer.

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“The landscaping to George Street has been hindered by the lack of response from residents to requests to remove cars, however some progress has been made.

“I am also advised that Rentokil will be attending site once the work is completed to re-bait the boxes.

“There are a few small areas that belong to the council and I am in the process of getting these works pencilled in for clearing.”