SWIFT action has been taken at an accident ‘blackspot’ on the edge of the town centre - which has been the location of five accidents in as many months - after motorists claimed their line of vision was being obstructed by a pedestrian crossing.

The junctions of Racecommon Road, Park Road and Keresforth Hall Road saw three accidents over the festive period while a more serious collision occurred last month which resulted in a hospitalisation.

A pedestrian crossing ‘pen’ - opposite the Co-op - was blamed for the accidents which occurred when motorists coming from the Locke Park area attempted to turn right onto Racecommon Road.

The council’s highways bosses signed off on a plan to remove the structure - a move which has improved vision.

However Coun Philip Wright, who represents the Kingstone ward, said it’s come at a price.

He told the Chronicle: “It’s great that the ‘pen’ has been removed as it’s definitely improved things for motorists but at the same time the protection it gave to pedestrians has also gone.

“Clearly something had to be done given the rate of collisions which have occurred there so you can’t fault the council for acting.

“Personally, I think it would have been better to keep the pen, but perhaps angle it slightly so it would have allowed motorists an open sight line.

“We’ll keep a tab on what’s going on over the coming months and see if the changes have made an impact.”

The quick alteration came after a fresh approach to prevent serious injury on Barnsley’s roads - which includes the ambition to have zero fatalities by 2050 - was approved by ruling cabinet members.

A total of 75 people have died on Barnsley’s roads as a result of a collision in the last decade, with considerably more occurring in the last five years.

Through the strategy, members of the partnership - including the council, police, fire service and South Yorkshire Safer Roads Partnership - will deliver road safety education programmes, casualty reduction travel schemes, investments in road improvements such as the one on Broadway and public engagement through behaviour change campaigns.

However, the Chronicle understands another collision occurred on the crossroads yesterday.

Paul Castle, service director for environment and transport at the council, said: “As part of our commitment to road safety, we regularly receive and evaluate feedback from residents and make improvements where possible.

“We have made some subtle changes at the Racecommon Road and Broadway junction to support vehicle users on this section of the road.

“We’ll also be starting traffic signal upgrade works shortly on the Keresforth Hill Road and Broadway junction to further improve road safety.

“Keeping all road users, including pedestrians, safe is a top priority to us and through the Barnsley Safer Roads Partnership, we continue to work together to achieve this.”