VOLUNTEERS at Darfield’s famed Maurice Dobson Museum are asking for more people to come forward to support the venue.

Thanks to a Heritage Lottery Funding grant of £164,000, the venue opened to the public in 2000.

It is open each Wednesday and Saturday and is run by a team of volunteers.

However, the museum will be closed tomorrow due to a dwindling number of volunteers - prompting those who care for the site to ask for more help.

Nicola Firth, a committee member, told the Chronicle: “We’d love to open on more days if we could but there’s just not enough volunteers.

“Some of our volunteers are in their 70s and 80s - which is great - but it is becoming quite a lot for them.

“We want more people to help out on volunteer.

“We put a post out on social media and the response has been incredible.

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“It shows how when people think it might be closing the community come together.”

Coun Kevin Osborne added: “The Maurice Dobson Museum in Darfield offers an informative and entertaining insight into a bygone age and as such it’s a great pity that the museum has had to consider closing.

“I hope new volunteers step forward and support this brilliant community asset in Darfield.”

Those interested in volunteering should email info@darfieldmuseum.co.uk or contact their social media channels.