A TEAM for visually-impaired youngsters hoping to get into football has received support from Barnsley FC.

Barnsley Blind Football Club - run by the non-profit organisation Focus4Vision - is offering blind and visually impaired children between the ages of five and seven a chance to try out football.

The club is hoping to promote further opportunities for disabled children, and over the last 20 weeks have been introducing them to the basics.

Chair Brendan Bailey told the Chronicle: “At the moment we’re just trying to get the children engaged and teaching them the game.

“Right now we don’t have specific teams, it’s just getting everyone together.

“It’s about showing them how to play, but also getting them used to wearing a blindfold.

“For some kids who are visually impaired, putting the blindfold on and running about without being able to see anything is scary.

“We’ve also been talking with the FA to start a league up for our kids and other blind teams to play in.

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“But in a way it’s good we’ve got this time to ease everyone in. Fingers crossed, but by the time we’re competing I hope we’ll be smashing the league.”

Barnsley FC Community Trust have recently announced a partnership with the team, offering them free use of their facilities.

“It also helps us out to get people interested,” Brendan added.

“When people see the club is involved it builds trust.

“From talking to parents I know that they’re nervous about things like this.

“Even if they’re interested they can back out, so having that Barnsley FC badge is a good sign.

“They’re offering their facilities for free which makes things nice and consistent for the children.

“When I told the kids that Barnsley FC was involved they were over the moon.

“Knowing that a club like that is interested and wants to help feels fantastic.”