A THRILL-SEEKING woman will abseil from 400 foot later this year to raise funds for Andy’s Man Club in memory of her best friend - described as a ‘larger than life’ character - who took his own life.

Adam Burd, 35, from Brampton, died in April and one of his best friends 34-year-old Emma Holmes said the rippling effects from this was heartbreaking.

On August 17 Emma, originally from Little Houghton, will abseil 400 feet down the National Lift Tower in Northampton in aid of Andy’s Man Club.

She’s hoping the awareness and fundraising can help at least one person - and she’s urging people to talk.

She said: “Adam had an infectious laugh, the warmest hugs and the biggest heart.

“I was lucky enough to be placed in the same form as Adam in secondary school and we quickly became inseparable with a shared sense of humour and taste in music.

“Along with our group of friends we grew up together.

“We laughed and we cried, we visited one another at college and then university.

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“We would go out and come home with random piercings and matching tattoos, we had wild nights out and cosy nights in, we went to gigs, visited theme parks.

“Adam was a larger-than-life character and subsequently, in order to raise as much money as possible in his memory, I’ve decided to take on the biggest challenge that I could find.”

Emma has already raised over £1,000 for the charity - more than double what she had originally hoped for.

“It’s unbelievable the amount of support I’ve received - the fundraiser has really taken off," she added.

“It’s phenomenal how generous people have been.

“Before Covid I abseiled for the British Red Cross but that was only 269 feet."

This will be the second time Emma has abseiled for charity - but this time she’s upping the ante at the UK’s tallest fixed abseil tower.

“This time I will be raising funds for Andy’s Man Club as no one should have to experience the pain that so many of us have felt from Adam’s passing,” she added.

“Words cannot convey the absolute heartache and devastation of losing Adam but to see this inflicted upon Adam’s family, his other friends, loved ones, colleagues and everyone who knew him, was horrific.

“Although there is sadly nothing that can bring Adam back my hope is that the money raised from this abseil will go towards helping countless others via the staff and facilities available at the various Andy’s Man Club’s up and down the country.

“It’s a long way away but I know that I’ll be nervous on the day.

“Firstly I’m wanting to raise awareness for Andy’s Man Cub - if we can help just one person then it’ll all be worth it.

“Secondly any money we raise will be greatly appreciated.

“It’s ok to talk - that’s the slogan of Andy’s Man Club.”

To donate to the fundraiser, follow the link: https://www.justgiving.com/page/abseiling-for-adam?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR0Je6sTBm8TJOkLRDcUNrRYzDJ3yXr5tOG46Gy4KEMEAKeKc6W9G7ZSLuc—aem—AardtuJA3Ji2auycD412RF7nP2ZqzZ9oFRy342TC7mdndf0KhuUIM2waKZtm5Yjcpth—o8dnpcFA4Db-jKTr8wK6