THOUSANDS of locals will be gearing up to travel to the town centre as Barnsley Live takes place again this weekend.

The multi-venue event is always one of the highlights of the musical calendar in Barnsley - and with hundreds of acts set to perform throughout the day, tomorrow will be no difference.

Local favourite Tom Masters will perform twice throughout the day, first in the Glass Works and then later in the day at Secret.

Daz Cadwallander, who has recently performed at The Leadmill in Sheffield, will also be on hand to perform for locals.

Civic Green, who have previously rocked out in front of thousands at Oakwell, are also set to perform.

This year’s charity is the Barnsley Carers Service.

Donations can be made here

The Garrison

1pm - Class Zero
2pm - Boomtarn
3pm - J-Fo
4pm - Invisible Grease
5pm - The Yorkshire Roses
6.15pm - Steal The City
7.30pm - Fear Lies

White Bear

1pm - Crypt
2pm - Aiden White
3pm - Mark Jackson’s CWOT
4pm - Pangolin
5pm - Orange Vaudeville Society
6.15pm - Saints Among Us
7.30pm - The N.S.O

Now Serving, Shambles Street

1.30pm - RazorSharp
2.30pm - Firewatch
3.30pm - Alex Oliver Band
4.30pm - Stellavision
5.30pm - Shurrup
6.45pm - Lines In Sand
8pm - Femur

The Pavilion

1.30pm - Nick Shaw
2.30pm - Jake EB
3.30pm - Signature Sax
4.30pm - Shaun McHale
5.30pm - Megan Blackburn
6.45pm - Frida
8pm - Rusty Creek
Civic Green
Civic Green

The Picture House

1.30pm - Boy Problems
2.30pm - Conscience Lingers
3.30pm - Orion Stars
4.30pm - Carta Black
5.30pm - Ghost UK
6.45pm - Safari
8pm - Civic Green


1pm - Sooner or Later
2pm - Day Dream
3pm - The Ventilators
4pm - Easy-A
5pm - Bad Luck Crowd
6.15pm - Little Rabbit
7.30pm - The Macaws

Now Serving Live

1pm - Jealous of Youth
2pm - Bloody Good Uns
3pm - Indecision
4pm - Dirty Scarlet
5pm - Clones
6.15pm - Wolfman and The Laterals
7.30pm - Autonym

Pure Pop

1.30pm - Luke Evans
2.30pm - Shane
3.30pm - Cinder Dogs
4.30pm - Katerian
5.40pm - Katya Fox
6.45pm - Errol Watson

Che Bar

1.30pm - Flytrapp
2.30pm - Cobain’D
3.30pm - Guns N Yorkshire Roses
4.30pm - Alien Abduction Club
5.30pm - Black Lamps
6.45pm - Misery Prize
8pm - Metallicish

Butterfields Bar

1.30pm - Tink
2.30pm - KillJoy
3.30pm - Ale Carts
4.30pm - Until Joy
5.30pm - Ivan and The Devil
6.45pm - Shades of Quo
8pm - Uncle Hotdog

SOHO Social

1pm - Stained Glass
2pm - Twin Size
3pm - Big Card
4pm - Portobello Rd
5pm - String Strum Sax
6.15pm - Devon Jade
7.30pm - Parson’s Lot

Pour House

1.15pm - Dr Tank
2pm - Andy Turbitt
2.45pm - Ollie Coney
3.30pm - Elmiria
4.30pm - Ruby Hay
5.30pm - Laura Holmes
6.45pm - Paula and Katie
8pm - Finn Humpleby

Funny Gals

1pm - Ocean Thieves
2pm - Never Skip Lip Day
3pm - The Mediocritones
4pm - Wet Skeleton
5pm - Modern Problems
6.15pm - Santiago Kings
7.45pm - On Shuffle


1.30pm - Tom Pursley
2.30pm - The Wrong ‘Uns
3.30pm - I am Slayer
4.30pm - Official 3Lz
5.30pm - Oslas
6.45pm - Jukebox Elvis
8pm - Descendancy

Soul Lounge

1pm - Lyford
2pm - Age Before Beauty
3pm - Hannah Rowe
4pm - Sour Breath
5pm - Wolfsmoke
6.45pm - Fluffy Gremlins

Eaden’s Bar

1pm - Class of 98
1.45pm - John Stone
2.30pm - Livi Bloomer
3.15pm - Zealots Duo
4pm - Ben Povey
5pm - L-Austin Music
6.15pm - Damian Luke McNeilly
7.30pm - Graham Lindley
Daz Cadwallander
Daz Cadwallander

Barnsley Civic

1.30pm - Common Culture
2.30pm - Cubic
3.30pm - Moxon
4.30pm - Replika
5.30pm - Bulb on a wire
6.45pm - Servers
8pm - Daz Cadwallander

The New Travellers Inn

1pm - Besar Official
2pm - Barnsdale Hood
3pm - Lottie Smith
4pm - Monolith Hill
5pm - Wilde Sammon
6.45pm - Arctic Numpties (Acoustic)
7.30pm - Contrails

The Underground

1.30pm - The Sons of Aryas
2.30pm - Psylocin
3.30pm - Dan Carson Music
4.30pm - Rose of Sharyn
5.30pm - The Little Daz Band
6.45pm - SOAD UK
8pm - UNTIL 9

Annie Murray’s

1pm - Katrina Tia Charles - music
2pm - Benton Whitehead
3pm - Liv
4pm - Lee Bailey
5pm - Kal Azmy
6.15pm - Jamie Woodcock
7.30pm - Mariarchiband

The Court House

1pm - Barnhouse
2pm - Rock Pits
3pm - Beyst
4pm - Dislocator
5pm - The Abandoned
6.15pm - Black Toad
7.30pm - Camisado UK

Old No7

1.30pm - Patchwork Dots
2.30pm - Shedtimestory
3.30pm - Mycelium Network
4.30pm - Co-operative Connection
5.30pm - Dave Gray
6.45pm - L and J Music Duo
8pm - Duster Noah’s

Nailmaker Tap 2

1pm - Liam Berry
2pm - Enis Bakolli
3pm - Toby Burton
4pm - Toria
5pm - Didi Jay Music
6.15pm - Emilia Hill
7.30pm - Stephen F. Mone

The Botanist

1.15pm - Nathanial L Duo
4.30pm - Keiron S Duo
8pm - Second Hand Store
Tom Masters
Tom Masters

The Glass Works

12pm - Frumptarn Guggenband
12.30pm - Tom Masters
1.30pm - The Feel Good Foundation
2.30pm - Graham Lindley
3.30pm - The National Soul Board
4.30pm - Blurz - A Tribute to Blur
5.30pm - Extra Helpings
6.45pm - Harry Myatt Band
8pm - Risky Heroes
9pm - TBC

The Kestrel

1.30pm - SOMA
2.30pm - Daltonism
3.30pm - Katrina Tia Charles
4.30pm - Green T
5.30pm - Fishing For Compliments
6.45pm - Liberty Slaves
8pm - Sing Strum Sax


1.30pm - Noa and George
2.30pm - Kie5
3.30pm - Neuri
4.30pm - Mirelli
5.30pm - Ethan Massingham
6.45pm - Armand Stępka and Apollo Killed That
8pm - Tom Masters and Friends

The Salt House

12pm - Micky Johnson
2pm - Brad Mack
4pm - Liam Sullivan
6pm - Jacey Mae