PARENTS’ problematic parking and speeding vehicles will be the police’s top priorities around the Darton area for the next six weeks - after a councillor pleaded for action to be taken.

Issues around the village’s primary school, on Station Road, and motorists’ excessive speeds on Staincross Common were discussed at a crime meeting held at Asda, on Old Mill Lane, on Monday evening.

Coun Roy Miller, whose appeal for action was answered by police, said: “I don’t know how someone hasn’t been killed - we need to do everything to try and protect kids.

“Speeding is a massive problem on Staincross Common but equally there’s an issue outside the school as parents just chuck their kids out as close as possible. The best time is in the school holidays as everyone can move about wonderfully.

“To have police in the area sends a far better message out. The best times to tackle parents’ parking has to be between 8.30am and 9am, and at around 3.15pm on weekdays as so many people are causing obstructions.”

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Sgt Dave Baines ruled out deploying PCSOs dedicated to dealing with the issue.

“It’s a road I’m familiar with and I regularly see and hear cars speeding,” he added. “Operations to tackle speeding will be done on there, while we will also be working more near Darton Primary School to stop bad parking.

“It’s an issue outside most schools in Barnsley and it should be an easy thing to solve. A stronger message will be sent out if a motorist is fined, but I don’t think it’s suitable to simply put a PCSO on the job.

“One yellow line painted down the road would stop it, but there’s budget constraints to deal with and that is a council matter. People must remember that bad parking doesn’t necessarily mean it’s illegal parking, but I understand how frustrating it is for people and we will be doing something about it in the next six weeks.

“Some responsibility lies with schools. We do go out to advise and enforce, but they’re the ones who have immediate contact with those who are doing it.”

Issues with parking and speeding could get worse in the area, according to Sgt Baines, who urged the council’s planning board to take existing concerns into account when they’re weighing up new housing estates.

Staincross could yield 700 homes in the local authority’s development strategy - which sets out potential housing sites up to 2033 - while vacant land in Darton also features prominently on the framework, known as the Local Plan.

“It’s an important aspect because everyone knows how bad problems - especially with parking - are at the minute,” Sgt Baines said.