A SINGER who has travelled the world is planning a huge ‘celebration’ as he returns to Barnsley.

Oliver Harris has worked and lived in places as diverse as Portugal and Abu Dhabi, but returns to his hometown for ‘Oliver and Company’, a homecoming show that sees the young performer invite a cast of friends and fellow musicians on stage for an evening of music.

“It’s a celebration,” Oliver, 25, of Regent Street, said. “I’m re-basing myself for the first time back in my hometown. I realise how happy I am here, surrounded by old friends. It’s that contentment of being back where I know everybody and they know me.

“Living away has been great, and as a performer I’ve gained experience, skills and confidence, but it’s always been a strain on my sense of grounding. I want to do something to show people I’m back and on form.”
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Former Barnsley Youth Choir soloist Oliver has been living and performing in Portugal, and has also performed at the Edinburgh Fringe festival for the last three years with his show ‘Elvis: Young and Beautiful’, which was voted one of the ten best at the festival by the Scotsman.

The show sees Oliver take on the role of the ‘King of Rock and Roll’, who he counts as one of his biggest inspirations.

The singer said he hopes to to use the sold-out show on January 12 at the Civic as a platform for those performing alongside him.

Of the artists performing, some performed in the Barnsley Youth Choir with Oliver, including Jack Dickson and Izzy Watson, while others he has met along the way in an already long and varied career.

Oliver, who has ‘done everything from pub gigs to big conferences’, said the choir is a ‘huge part’ of his past.

He added: “The people performing alongside me have always been good friends, and I wanted to give them a big stage and a helping hand similar to the opportunities I have had.

“Hopefully they can see how they can actually make a living in the music industry.

“I ask a lot of younger people who always say it would be amazing to be a performer or musician, but they need a real job. But music is a real job, you don’t have to be Ed Sheeran but you can make a decent living doing what you love.”

A second ‘Oliver and Company’ show will take place at the Hallmark Hotel in Manchester on February 23.