SPIRITUAL medium Derek Acorah - famed for his appearances on TV - is set to take to the stage in Wath as part of his all-new The Eternal Life tour.

Derek is one of the world’s most renowned spirit mediums, having demonstrated in theatres throughout the UK and has been working with spirits for 40 years. He will be coming to Montgomery Hall on October 25. He will be connecting with the spirit world and demonstrating his mediumship on his tour, as well as giving the audience a bit of a laugh along the way.

Speaking to the Barnsley Chronicle, Derek, 69, said he is delighted to be bringing his tour to South Yorkshire to do what he loves.

“The show will give people the chance to interact with their loved ones and they will get message across to them. I make sure to explain to people who come on the evening about my work,” said Derek.

“It can be a bit busy as there are a lot of people coming through. There are a lot of characters that come through and they will make people laugh.

“A lot of people are coming in quite raw as they are having to say ‘au revoir’ to a loved one but they will be elated when I tell them that they are speaking to them. Once the evening is over people will come out feeling not so much healed but they feel a sense of healing.”

Derek became the first medium ever to demonstrate live on air on television without the benefit of an edit suite. He is also well-known for his time on paranormal reality TV series Most Haunted with presenter Yvette Fielding.

Derek will be bring The Eternal Life tour to Wath on October 25 from 7.30pm.

To book tickets, call 01709 513 160.