A HAIRDRESSER has hung up her scissors and clippers after 53 years of running her own business.

Patricia Cherry, who runs Cherry’s Hair Salon, in Pontefract Road, Lundwood, has decided that at the age of 78 it’s time to pass her business down to her granddaughter, Alisha.

Patricia - or Pat as she is known to most - who was born in Lundwood, took after her mother who was a hairdresser.

The 78-year-old, of Lang Avenue, said the salon was first called Bertha’s when it opened more than half a century ago before it changed to Pat’s, and then finally became Cherry’s about six years ago.

“Originally I started the business in my mother’s name,” said Pat. “My mother was a hairdresser for 24 years.

“I worked in Barnsley for some time when my mother finished in her shop and I had my own business in town, but when I started my own family I moved back to Lundwood. It went from there really.

“I have had my mum’s customers and the same customers who have come back for years. Our oldest customer is 97-years-old. It’s a big achievement to have run this business for so long.”

Pat’s daughter Julie has been working alongside her in the shop, but it’s Pat’s granddaughter Alisha who will be taking over the business.

“Alisha will have guidance from family members, including me, her auntie Julie and her dad Robert. Julie has worked in the shop for more than 30 years and she has had a hip operation so she is out of action at the moment.

“I think Alisha will do a great job, she is 20 and she will be great for the younger generation and customers.”

However, even though Pat won’t be doing any more wash and blow dries after she officially retired on Saturday, she is still carrying on working for her other family business, Cherry’s Coal Merchants; where she answers the phones.

“We are all a big business family,” said Pat. “We work well together and we all live near each other. It’s great to be able to have such successful businesses.”

The business name will change to HB Lounge and will offer beauty treatments as well.