THE RE-ELECTED MP for Barnsley East has recently handed out prizes to local school children for her Christmas card competition.

Stephanie Peacock runs a competition to design her official card.

It was entered by more than a dozen schools across the constituency, from Cudworth to Darfield and Hoyland.

Hundreds of entries were considered by Stephanie and a judging panel including the Mayor of Barnsley Coun Pauline Markham, and local organisations.

Stephanie visited St Helen’s Catholic Primary in Hoyland to present the prize to competition winner Sunny Steele, 11.

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The card bearing Sunny’s design has been sent out in Westminster and to thousands of local people and groups in Barnsley.

Stephanie said: “It’s always an absolute

pleasure to hold my Christmas card

competition with local primary schools here in Barnsley.

“As ever, there were hundreds of fantastic entries, and it was a really tough decision to decide on a winner.

“So massive congratulations to Sunny and St Helen’s Catholic Primary for winning this year’s competition.

“I can’t wait to find out how her fantastic design was received.”