A NEW online tool published by the Sheffield City Region aims to show investors from around the world what opportunities Barnsley has to offer.

The Locate in SCR website displays everything from demographics and employment statistics to the student population - and what subjects they’re studying - and even lists potential premises or vacant lots that are up for sale or rent in the nine towns and cities that make up the region.

Rachel Clark, SCR director of trade and investment, said the tool consolidates any information businesses might want so they can make an informed decision of where to locate or invest.

“Our new Locate in SCR web tool will help companies from all over the world to make smart decisions about their investment and relocation needs,” she said.

“Whether a new business is looking to relocate to our area or an existing business is ready to grow, this innovative online web tool can propel a business forward by giving them access to the right information to make an informed choice.”

The site displays the same data, taken from the Office of National Statistics, for each of the region’s locations, presented across a range of graphs and charts that allow for straightforward comparisons.

Sheffield naturally has a larger labour force, but a similar level of unemployment to Barnsley at around four per cent - while Barnsley’s workforce is made up of more skilled tradesmen and elementary occupations than the city, which has a higher level of administrative workers.

The comparative tool can also be used to compare wages, expenditures, demographics and employment statistics between Sheffield City Region locations and those in the rest of the country.

The tool can be found here.