CARL Wilkinson is hoping for success at the Metrodome tomorrow, as he begins a crucial second year on the PDC tour next door to Oakwell where his beloved Reds will host Sheffield Wednesday in a crucial derby. 

The 35-year-old from Darfield is set to play in the first two Player Championship events of the year in his home town tomorrow and Sunday.

Carl said: “I was a season ticket holder at Oakwell for many years and used to go away as well.  “But, since I have taken darts more seriously, I have missed most of the games. 

“I still follow their results. 

“I know there will be a lot of Wednesday fans in the Metrodome before and after the game.

“Hopefully I can go on a good run and Barnsley can get three points. That would be the ideal weekend.  The Metrodome is the perfect place to start the season. 

“I am very happy that, out of the 30 Players Championship events, 18 are at the Metrodome. It’s right on my doorstep and I need to take advantage of that.” 

Wilkinson won a tour card for the first time a year ago, which meant he could compete in the PDC events during 2019 and 2020. 

“It’s a massive year for me. My target is to get into the top 64 in the rankings which would keep me on the tour. 

“Last year I had far too much admiration for the other players. 

“I would be sitting next to someone like Peter Wright and I would be a bit starstruck after watching him on TV for years. 

“Now I have got over that. I know that people like Wright and Michael van Gerwen started somewhere like I have started and I have got as much of a right to be there as they have. 

“Last season, my attitude was: ‘if I can get through a few rounds, I’ll be happy.’ 

“But I can’t think like that, I need to be looking to win every event I enter. 

“It’s been a quiet few months for me but I have been doing well in local events like Bradford Darts Promotions competitions which have a few PDC players in them so they are a good standard. 

“I am going into the PDC season on good form.”