STAFF have been left frustrated following a second break in at a cafe in Brampton Bierlow - just three months after the last one.

Intruders broke into Vinny’s Cafe on Knollbeck Lane through the roof on Friday, helping themselves to a Cancer Research charity collection box and then damaging tables.

The latest break-in follows one in December when the till, charity collection box and items of food were stolen from the new business.

Emma Oxley, who owns the cafe with her husband Jason, is ‘frustrated’ with the repeated break-ins.

“On Friday morning, a member of staff opened 8am as usual to find a hole in the roof and a smashed-up kitchen and tables were covered with dust and debris.

“Luckily, after the last break-in, we do not leave our till money on the premise overnight.

“Although what is really awful is that a charity collection box, which was raising funds for a boxing match in aid of Cancer Research, was taken.

“We weren’t able to open on Friday because of all the mess, which means we lost a day of trade as well.

“It’s so frustrating. We’re a new business that only opened in September and we’ve already had two break-ins.

“In December, thieves broke in and stole our cash float, charity box, bread and coffee. So to see this happen again is so frustrating.

“We’re now going to have to fork out for repairs, the installation of an alarm, and with losing a day of trade, it has really had an affect.

“The people of Brampton are such hardworking and caring people, but a small minority seem fixed on ruining this for the rest of us.

“Now that we’re installing an alarm, I just hope that this does not happen again, and we can continue on as best as we can.”

Police arrived at the scene on Friday morning and investigations are ongoing.