A FITNESS instructor who specialises in strength and balance classes for older people is promoting a calendar to support those unable to leave their homes.

Proud of Barnsley award winner and postural stability instructor Bronia Warden has been working with the elderly community for years, but has had to cancel her classes due to the coronavirus crisis.

With her clients now house-bound for the foreseeable future, Bronia worried they would be unable to remain mobile - and, with much of her work covering prevention of falls.

“My main worry is older people who are isolating experiencing muscle wastage and as a result falling,” she said.

“These activities are not an exercise plan, as the people doing them haven’t been assessed.

“There are a lot of things going online now, but most are dead against what I do.

“This is just about promoting fitness and making sure people can keep working. The activities can be done at home and people can monitor themselves.”

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The calendar - available to download from our website - is a 12-month programme covering balance, mobility and core strength.

Bronia will post a video every day covering the activities in the calendar on the Chronicle website, barnsleychronicle.com.