A BARNSLEY school was forced to fork out after thieves stole metres of copper piping and wiring - but it remains open in spite of the incident.

Worsbrough Common Primary School headteacher Rebecca Paddock was forced to close the school this week after opportunist thieves apparently stole material from the roof.

The school, which has a higher-than-average number of children with special educational needs, is currently open for pupils with no other provision.

It was forced to temporarily close after Rebecca received a call from a caretaker, who reported hearing water running on the roof, on Monday morning.

She said around 20 metres of water piping and electrical cabling were stolen in the raid.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Rebecca.

“We think it would’ve been Sunday night, as there would’ve been more damage if it happened earlier.

“We were due to have 11 children in on Monday, which we had to find other places for as they haven’t got any other alternative.

“These kids are on EHCPs (education, health and care plans, often given to children with special educational needs), and we were sending them somewhere they didn’t know, when we’re already trying to provide some sense of normality.

“It makes you wonder what goes through some people’s minds - targeting a place that’s trying to provide a service to keep the country up and running.”

The school found temporary places at Ward Green Primary School, and has been making other provisions for its 400-plus student base including live streaming assemblies.