A LOCAL sports club is appealing for the support of budding gymnasts to join their team after the coronavirus left its owner scrimping to keep it above water.

Barnsley Gymnastics Club, based in Carlton, has been running for 18 years and boasts as many as 600 members - mostly girls from age four upwards - but has been closed for the past few months due to lockdown restrictions.

General manager and club secretary, Nick Appleyard, wants to reassure parents across Barnsley that the club is still there, and is eager to reopen once lockdown restrictions are lifted.

He said: “Gymnastics is a fantastic character builder, it also combats obesity and gives kids a much needed positive outlet for their energy.

“We’ve now been closed for 88 days, I have furloughed all coaching staff, and our landlord has been fantastic so far but of course other bills have continued to come in, and with much scrimping I have managed to keep our head above water.

“Even though our club has been closed for such a long time, parents of the borough should be aware that the clubs are still there, just waiting and more eager than ever to begin training the youngsters of Barnsley.”