GRATEFUL students and families at a school have collected hundreds of items to donate to a foodbank.

Pupils at Parkside Primary School, on Midland Road in Royston, were encouraged to bring in tins and cans of food that could be delivered to Royston Community Foodbank with the Salvation Army.

Rachel Ward, the headteacher at the school, has thanked the foodbank for its vital help during school closures.

“It was tough for all schools across the borough, and the team at the foodbank were incredibly supportive,” said Rachel.

“They ensured that we were able to deliver food parcels to vulnerable families during the lockdown.

“Since then, it has continued to be there for our community so we knew we wanted to get involved.”

Rachel has praised the school’s students and parents for their generosity after multiple bags were donated.

“After speaking with our parents in the playground, it was clear that people were eager to join in and donate.

“Before we knew it, we had bags and bags of food delivered to our door. Each person with a story to tell about how the food bank benefited them and the community.

“Our pupils are looking forward to donating them. It isn’t just parents that have been involved, wider family members have donated items too.

“Without the community’s support, these foodbanks would cease to exist. We need to look after them in whichever we can.

“The foodbank was there in our time of need, so we want to be there for it now.”