A KINGSTONE woman is hoping to find the owner of an inscripted watch presented for 40 years’ service by Yorkshire Traction after more than a month of unsuccessful searching.

Sue Duda, 57, of Woodland Drive, found the watch in December outside a bus stop on Broadway - but despite posting tirelessly online for the owner she has yet to find them.

She said: “I don’t really know what else to do because I’ve put it on Facebook and on the ‘Lost and Found Barnsley’ page but with no success.

“The reverse of the watch has an inscription which says it was presented to Harry Armitage by Yorkshire Traction for 40 years’ service in 1960.

“I think that because it is quite old it probably won’t be Harry’s anymore but it could maybe be a family member.

“I feel like someone would be quite upset if they lost this watch so I’d just really like to reunite it with its owner.”

If this is your watch, email jacktolson@barnsley-chronicle.co.uk.