HOARDS of travellers who set up camp on a field in Pogmoor have caused ‘chaos’ for local residents who have called for the caravans to be moved on before permanent damage is done.

Yesterday morning, neighbours of Pogmoor Recreation Ground woke up to see up to 30 caravans parked up on the field.

The travellers - who reportedly gained access to the site by cutting a steel gate at around 10pm on Wednesday night - have caused disruption to neighbours who feel they will no longer be able to use the green space.

Coun Peter Fielding, who represents the Dodworth ward, believes the sheer number of caravans will have intimidated vulnerable residents and said swift action must be taken.

He told the Chronicle: “This illegal encampment is a great concern for our residents.

“This particular group of travellers have only just been moved on from Dodworth and at a great expense to the council and taxpayers.

“It appears they gained access through a steel gate by means of criminal damage which has made considerable damage.

“It will cost approximately £3,000 to repair the damage caused leaving us out of pocket.

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“The sheer number of caravans and vehicles that were driving through the community late at night was understandably intimidating for residents.

“Now that Penny Pie Park is closed, we only have Pogmoor Rec as a big piece of green space in our ward - this is used by local football teams and dog walkers.

“Now this has been completely taken out of action.”

Coun Jenny Platts, cabinet spokesperson for communities, added: “We are aware of the encampment and have been working closely with the police, local elected members and local residents to try and address any issues arising quickly and effectively.”