A TOUCHING tribute film from a campaigning mum whose two sons were killed by their father in a deliberate house fire is to be unveiled.

The documentary charts the way groups and individuals rallied round Claire Throssell after her estranged husband, Darren Sykes, started a fire in 2014 which led to the deaths of nine-year-old Jack and Paul, 12.

Claire told the Chronicle it will be the first time the full story of how the people of Penistone pulled her through has been told.

The 49-year-old - who has spent the following years tirelessly campaigning on domestic abuse issues and children’s safety - says there could never be enough time to express her gratitude.

“But the film reflects the warmth the community showed me and recaptures how much was invested in rebuilding the house which set alight,” she told the Chronicle.

After a request from Claire, Penistone Town Council granted permission for the Paramount cinema to be used to screen the first showing of the film in September.

Mayor Andrew Millner said: “Claire asked if we would do this and it has out full support.

“I am also pleased to incorporate the project in my civic year.”

The film - as yet untitled - has been created by local film-maker Saul Tyler.

The focus is on how the people of Penistone helped rebuild and renovate the wrecked house after the blaze in 2014, giving Claire the chance to recover from financial ruin.

Claire said: “The films shows the positive side of the tragedy and the way the community came together - something which has never been shown enough to do it justice.

“It is about the community and exactly what they did, especially in rebuilding the house.

“It is a unique piece of history.

“The community offered their shoulders as gently as they carried Jack and Paul to their final farewell.

“The circle of love has never been broken - had it not been for the community I would not be here, so this is a huge thank you.

“The grief does not alter and the loneliness never changes. I had that love for nine and 12 years and I hold on to that and the memories of it.

“The story has never been told in its entirety, but now it is, and it is dedicated to the boys and the community.”

The screening has been set for September 24 on one day only but Claire hopes to being it back to the town next year so more people can see it.

Town councillor Neville Shiggins, who has been involved in the project, added: “Claire wanted permission to use the Paramount to allow her to celebrate with those who were involved and the town council agreed with 100 per cent support.

“Our community and town are very proud of all that Claire continues to do for children through her various initiatives across the UK.

“Her drive and persistence is awe-inspiring and we are very happy to support this film, allowing her to say ‘thank you’ to all those who helped her when she most needed.

“The community of Penistone were outstanding when the boys died - it kept Claire standing.

“We know how much Claire values our community and town and we will continue to support her. We appreciate all that she does for children and our community.”

Coun Millner said the fire voided the home insurance, leaving Claire in financial despair.

“The community came to the rescue and this showed Penistone’s spirit,” he said. “We covered the cost of repair so the property could be sold and she could get on back on her feet.

“It was an honour to be involved - it was a hard job and a great endeavour and it will be lovely to support this project.

“I hope it will be a great success.”