ONE of the town’s most dedicated and loved teachers who died earlier this month with kidney disease is now ‘at peace’.

Sam White was a teacher in the foundation stage at Worsbrough Common Primary School for more than 15 years - and was loved by all kids and parents.

The 50-year-old died on September 8 and her funeral will take place on October 1 at St Mary’s Church in the town centre - an event her daughter, Eve White, hopes her friends and family will attend to celebrate her life.

Eve, 20, told the Chronicle: “My mum was diagnosed with kidney disease just after she’d given birth to me.

“She managed to get a transplant when I was around nine or ten which should have helped but it still affected her from then.”

Her former school pupils will today wear pink to ‘celebrate all things Ms White’ as part of Organ Donation Week - with all donations split between two charities.

Rebecca Paddock, headteacher at the school where Sam worked for so long, told the Chronicle that she will be sorely missed by all those that knew her.

She added: “Sam worked here from 2006 and she taught in foundation stage.

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“She was a lovely, bubbly person and was loved by all the staff, kids and parents - and she’d always be in heels.

“We’re doing the dressing in pink day on Friday as part of organ donation week.”

A spokesperson for the school added: “After speaking to Ms White’s family they have asked that rather than flowers at the funeral we make donations to her chosen charity.

“On Friday we invite pupils, staff and families to dress in pink and make donations.

“We will be splitting the donations between the national Organ Donation Charity and Sheffield Northern General’s kidney unit.

“As many of you will know Sam suffered a long-term illness linked to her kidneys and was an advocate for organ donations.”

Eve said that she’d never met someone that was as dedicated to their profession as her mum was, and she hoped that’s how she’ll be remembered.

“She was at Worsbrough Common for more than ten years and I’ve never seen a more dedicated teacher - she absolutely loved it,” she added.

“I signed up to be an organ donor because of my mum.

“She was an advocate for organ donation and I’d encourage others to sign up too.

“After she died I got a tattoo in her honour of a butterfly because she absolutely loved them - it’s something that only really made sense to me and is special.

“At the end of the day she always wanted the best for everyone around her and hopefully she had that.

“She was a highly religious person and always preached to people about being in peace - and now I think she is.”