A LONG-SERVING councillor and former mayor has announced she will step down next year - after more than 16 years representing a Barnsley ward and almost 55 years on a parish council.

North East ward councillor and chair of Great Houghton Parish Council, Dorothy Higginbottom - who still lives in the house she was born in on Rotherham Road, Great Houghton - will step down for the next election after ‘doing her best to make a difference’ for more than half a century.

Dorothy, who will turn 80 in January, suffered a stroke earlier this year and told the Chronicle that although she was mentally unscathed, it took its toll on her physically and seriously affected her mobility.

Dorothy - who served as Mayor of Barnsley from 2012 to 2013 - said: “I’ve met such lovely people in my years as a councillor.

“It has been a pleasure working for and with the communities I’ve served.

“It has been challenging at times but I do feel content knowing I’ve done my best - and I’ve enjoyed doing so.

“I know as long as I have tried my best I can retire from this role happy, knowing I’ve given it everything I’ve got.”