A CUDWORTH man has pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, driving without insurance and driving whilst under the influence of alcohol.

Nathan Kipling, 29, of Crown Avenue, attended Barnsley Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday, overseen by District Judge Tim Spruce.

Kipling failed to stop whilst driving an Audi A3 on Snape Hill Road in Darfield and only came to a halt after police deployed a stinger.

After being detained by officers, the defendant was found to have 48 micrograms of alcohol in a 100ml breath sample, over the legal limit of 35.

The defendant gave a no comment interview initially, but subsequently made a guilty plea in front of the judge.

Kipling has one previous conviction from five years ago, but it is said to be unrelated to this current offence.

The risk of collision from Kipling’s driving was said to be negated significantly by the fact that it was 3.30am when the offence was committed.

The defendant was granted bail by District Judge Spruce and is disqualified from driving in the interim between now and his sentencing hearing, which is to take place on May 19.