A PENISTONE man who has been walking the coast of the UK has been on his travels for a whole year.

Jim Morton, 61, set off from his home on April 12 last year, and has now walked an incredible 5,856 miles so far, raising money for the Gurkha Welfare Trust.

“Sometimes I think ‘oh is it really a week since I was at that place’, and other times it feels like a lifetime since I left Penistone,” Jim said.

He has raised a huge £18,600 already, and is hoping to reach his target of £50,000.

Currently walking on the south-east coast, Jim walked through Ramsgate in Kent on his anniversary.

His wife and two dogs have accompanied him on his travels the majority of the time, but Jim has been apart from the rest of his family for a while now.

“We now have four grandchildren - another grandson and granddaughter have been born whilst I’ve been gone.

“They have been to see us and visit but it is family we’re missing the most.”

There is around 2,000 miles left for Jim to walk, and he expects to finish his journey at the end of August.