A LOCAL councillor has questioned the Coal Authority after a six-foot-deep sink hole in Hoyland has ‘remained untouched’ for over a year.

It’s located on the the Cloughs Estate - an area around Clough Fields Road in Hoyland - but was left with little work completed.

The council subsequently covered the sink hole and an investigation found a mine shaft had collapsed.

But, more than a year later, Coun David White - who represents the Rockingham ward - said he has been left bemused as to why nothing has yet been done to keep residents safe.

He told the Chronicle: “I drove past a couple of weeks ago to purposely take a look.

“The security fencing was laid flat and the whole area is completely overgrown.

“When I first reported this it was fenced off very quickly and everyone expected a fast response.

“However, here we are a year later with residents furious at the blame game.

“People’s safety has been at risk and whoever is ultimately responsible for this debacle should explain exactly why it takes a year to secure resident safety.

“Surely that is a priority?”

The Coal Authority have now confirmed that work should start in July.

A spokesperson told the Chronicle: “We have designed a permanent solution to restore the ground and have now gone out to tender.

“The main construction works are anticipated to start in July.”