JEAN Buckley will celebrate her 103rd birthday at Mapplewell Manor Care Home on Sunday - and she believes the secret to a long and happy life is laughter.

Jean was born in Cawthorne on May 15, 1921 and has lived through World War Two, five different monarchs and 22 separate Prime Ministers.

She now resides in Mapplewell Manor, on Greenside Avenue, and is incredibly popular among the staff and residents.

She’ll be celebrating her 103rd birthday on Sunday and is planning to have two parties - one with family and another with the residents - and she said she’s very excited.

“I’m really excited because of all the people will be there - I’ve got all the staff and my family coming,” she said.

“We’re going to be having a singer here as well.

“My secret is to keep laughing - everyone here is so nice to me.

“I’ve still got my sense of humour - everyone makes me smile and be jolly here.

“I’m so excited - no-one in my family has got to 90 and I’ll be 103.”

Jean will celebrate her birthday with her one daughter, four grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren.