A STATUE commemorating an iconic Hoyland author will be unveiled in the town ‘where it all happened’ tomorrow morning.

A fibreglass model of the life-sized bronze statue of David ‘Dai’ Bradley as Billy Casper from the 1969 Ken Loach film ‘Kes’ - now sited on Cheapside - will be unveiled in Hoyland town centre.

The Kes Is Coming Home group is made up of Hoyland residents who have been dedicated to bringing a form of sculptor Graham Ibbeson’s statue home to Hoyland - where Barry Hines, the author of ‘A Kestrel for a Knave’, which inspired the Kes film, was born and raised.

Hoping that the statue will be visited by many and provide inspiration to young people, the group are overjoyed the statue will be put in place in Hoyland Library.

The unveiling ceremony, from 11am until 12pm, will be followed by a film showing of Kes at the Hoyland Belmont Club along with filmed interviews from Barry’s family.

Long-time Hoyland resident and member of the group, Steve Bacon, was leafleting last weekend to raise awareness of the unveiling event.

“We formed the group to organise the siting and public unveiling of the statue in Hoyland Library,” he said.

“We then thought it would be a great idea to show the Kes film afterwards.

“While leafleting for the event in the town centre we talked to Hoyland people of all ages, some were saying ‘it’s my favourite film’ - one person even said he had been in the film.

“We met a neighbour of Barry Hines, and Barry’s cousin.

“Many others stopped to talk and share memories with us.”

Another member of the group, Heather Pollard, added: “We are proud of Barry Hines.

“Now, at last, we’ll have a lasting tribute in the town where it all happened.”