FEARS over an accident blackspot at Worsbrough are growing - with locals feeling earmarked improvements by the council ‘can’t come soon enough’.

The Thicket Lane, High Street and West Street junction at Worsbrough Dale has long been a concern for motorists.

Feelings were exacerbated by a recent crash which reportedly involved at least three vehicles - only minor injuries were sustained by those involved on this occasion, but residents and a local councillor have said the accident demonstrates the dangers of the junction.

The junction is prioritised by the council for further investigations which are currently underway and will consider the collision types and site details.

Concerns have also been raised in recent months regarding the speed at which motorists drive down High Street - which has a 30mph limit - down towards the junction.

Neighbourhood officers confirmed they have been monitoring the road and plan to continue their patrols.

Worsbrough Coun Jake Lodge said measures as a result of the prioritisation of the junction by the council is in addition to other road safety measures due - including the planned installation of a speed indicator device on Station Road and monitoring of a number of high priority areas within the Worsbrough ward.

“The most recent crash at the crossroads at Worsbrough Dale is further evidence that the council need to move faster to find a remedy to this dangerous collision point,” said Coun Lodge.

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“Like other residents in the ward - I have grown up knowing how dangerous this particular crossroads is and it has been neglected for far too long.

“Whilst I am glad that the council has identified the area as a cause for concern following my input, I urge them to move faster before we see more serious accidents.

“I have already made enquiries with the relevant team and hope that we can find a solution soon.''

The most recent serious accident happened at around 5.45 on Thursday April 28 and despite no major injuries having been caused - locals perceived the accident as further evidence of the hazards the junction poses.

Common opinion appears to be that the cars parked around the junction, the speed travelled, and as the angling of the junction itself, leaves drivers unable to see oncoming traffic.

Paul Castle, service director for environment and transport, said: “This location is one of our priority areas for road safety improvements, and we know how important it is to locals.

“We’re currently investigating what changes we can make to reduce collisions and make the roads safer for all.

“We’ll be able to give a timeframe for the works once we've completed our investigations.”