MEMBERS of a bowling club overrun with sewage - possibly containing human faeces - believe underlying issues causing the floods are not being solved.

Royston Welfare Park has been repeatedly hit by floods of foul-smelling water over recent years, with bowling club member Jack Ledger saying he knows of at least half a dozen instances in the last four years.

Players have been forced to abandon games recently due to issues backing up toilets and affecting changing rooms.

Yorkshire Water attended the site last Thursday but Jack said more investigative work needs to be done with regards to a drain that lies behind the club.

The park is one of the main routes for parents and students to walk to Parkside Primary Academy and there are also worries of health concerns - with sewage also pouring onto a path.

Jack, 69, said: “We’re in exactly the same situation we were in years ago - Yorkshire Water come and clean it up, then the problem comes back again.

“It’s absolutely filthy - we can’t use the toilets, we can’t play home games.

“Kids and parents have to walk through two inches of flith to get to school.

“We’re trying hard, even before the pandemic, to get new members in. We’ve been successful in getting a few, but if this keeps going it’s not going to be an attractive proposition to people.”

A Yorkshire Water spokesperson said: “We understand flooding of this nature can be distressing and our contractor will be carrying out a full clean-up. Our teams will be conducting a thorough investigation, including CCTV of the sewer network in the area, to understand any underlying causes.”