ALMOST 20 brown bins full of plastic bottles were litter-picked in Worsbrough as part of a joint school effort.

A total of 19 bins full were collected from three Worsbrough primary schools in the collection held through a partnership between Worsbrough Ward Alliance and Worsbrough Tidy Group.

The bins were picked up by Barnsley Council last Thursday to be taken to be recycled and in return for their efforts, the schools will be provided with a bench made from recycled plastic bottles.

Worsbrough Coun Jake Lodge, who took part in the collection, said it was ‘encouraging’ to see the activity tackling litter issues being carried out.

“It was great to see children from all Worsbrough primary schools get involved in this bottle collection,” said Coun Lodge.

“It is part of a wider piece of work around education in relation to littering and recycling in our community by Worsbrough Ward Alliance, in collaboration with local volunteers and the Worsbrough Tidy Group.

“Like everyone, I want to see the community we live in become cleaner and greener, which is a very difficult task.

“However, it is encouraging to see children get involved and be part of that change and I’m sure they’ll appreciate the new playground bench they’ll receive.

“We’re encouraging everyone to stop the drop.’’