PLANS to build 50 new homes near a ‘dangerous’ Dodworth road have been slammed by a local councillor.

An application for the residential development of 50 new properties was submitted to Barnsley Council’s planning board last month.

The properties - 37 of which will have three bedrooms, nine will have four bedrooms and four will have two bedrooms - will be built just off of Dodworth Green Road.

As part of the application, a dwelling known as Hillside will need to be reconfigured, whilst further domestic outbuildings in the area would need to be demolished.

If the plans are given the green light, a new access will be taken off Dodworth Green Road from the west of the site - which is currently 1.86-hectares of open land.

A planning document submitted to the council states: “The site measures approximately 1.86 hectares in size and is made up of irregular-shaped fields, split by a small watercourse running through the centre of the site.

“The site includes some mature trees and scrub vegetation to the boundaries and along the watercourse.

“Ground cover consists of semi-improved grassland.

“The site also comprises some private garden land which is being incorporated into the design proposals.

“The site is undulating in nature with sloping landform creating a shallow valley either side of the watercourse.

“In respect of vehicular access, a section along Green Road has been identified as a suitable location for vehicular and pedestrian access.

“This will involve the removal of some trees and the part demolition of the existing wall.”

However Lib Dem Coun Chris Wray, who represents the Dodworth ward, believes the plans are not suitable for the area as they stand due to a number of issues.

Last month, he attended a speed check exercise on a nearby road alongside Coun Peter Fielding and local police officers.

More than 25 per cent of the vehicles that were checked - nine out of 35 - were caught speeding.

He added: “There’s a lot of issues with the constant development like anything, but we do need more houses.

“There’s not the capacity for it on this site because of the way cars will come out.

“There’s not enough mitigation for road safety and with the number of houses there’ll be around 70 cars which will cause even more risks.

“We recently conducted speed checks there with the police.

“As it stands, whilst the road is as it is, the road is not a safe exit and there’s risks of accidents.

“The land could become waterlogged and as it stands I’m not completely for the development.”

A total of 95 neighbours have been made aware of the application with no appeals to date.

Public consultation ends on July 19.