BARNSLEY Hospital has reintroduced face masks and coverings as Covid cases rise in the borough.

Just three weeks ago, bosses announced coverings were no longer mandatory at the hospital with ‘immediate effect’ - but with the condition that they may reintroduce measures should there be a resurgence of the virus.

As of June 23, Barnsley’s seven-day average of cases was 61.3, while at its lowest ebb on May 18 there were just 14 new cases and the seven-day average was 21.4.

At its peak in January, the seven-day average was 1,174.9.

As of June 28, there were 24 patients in hospital with Covid - which has increased from four a month earlier.

“We recognise the contribution visiting makes to the wellbeing and the person-centred care of patients, and welcome visitors,” said a hospital spokesperson.

“We ask everyone to wear a face mask at all times during their visit, and to regularly use our hand hygiene stations.

“Please expect staff and volunteers to ask you to wear a mask if they see you without one.”