INTRODUCING parking charges at Langsett Barn will have a ‘detrimental impact’ on the local community, according to an MP.

Miriam Cates, MP for Penistone and Stocksbridge, said a number of local residents have contacted her to express their ‘deep concerns’ regarding Yorkshire Water’s plans to introduce parking charges at Langsett Barn car park.

She subsequently spoke to local business owners and Langsett Parish Council chairman, Peter Horner, who echoed the views of residents.

Coun Horner said: “We know that if this scheme goes ahead, visitors will find alternative places to park.

“That means parking dangerously on the verges of the A616 or on the narrow roads of the village, blocking residents and access by emergency vehicles.”

The owners of the nearby 300-year-old Waggon and Horses pub told Miriam the charges could make their business ‘financially unviable’.

Owner Rachel Adams said: “We already struggle with walkers using our car park and preventing our customers from coming to the pub.

“If Yorkshire Water go ahead with the scheme, visitors to the area will park in our car park to avoid paying, and it could be the end of the pub, which has been here for over 200 years”

Miriam says the ‘evidence is clear’ and has written to the council to register her objections.

“The evidence is clear that this decision will have a detrimental impact because of displacement parking,” she added.

“During the pandemic, Yorkshire Water closed the car park temporarily which contributed to the dangerous displacement parking along the verges of the A616.

“This is a major highway with a speed limit of 60 miles an hour - it is not safe for pedestrians including children to walk along the side of and cross this road.

“Perhaps as importantly, these new parking charges, will limit access to the reservoir to those who can afford the new parking charges.

“This is a beautiful and treasured local asset and it is quite wrong to limit access in this way - it should be able to be safely enjoyed by all those who wish to visit it.”