STAR ballerina Tala Lee-Turton is bringing ballet to the masses with a show at an historic venue.

Tala will premiere her new work and her first live production, No Time Like The Present, at Wentworth Woodhouse between August 19-21.

It’s now been a decade since Tala began her training at the famed Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow.

The idea for an outdoor event took shape during the pandemic as Tala thought about how she could dance for an audience again. This then led to the creation of her own production company. She has pulled together a diverse, international team, collaborating with the successful soloist, Zhongjing Fang of American Ballet Theatre.

Tala said: “I want to encourage people who might not normally go to see a ballet production to connect with this dance and music experience five dancers, how they are moving and what they are thinking; expressing their inner realities as women.

“It’s a real privilege to be able to bring this production to Wentworth Woodhouse and and I’m pleased to be performing in South Yorkshire.”