A DIY SOS-style operation has given Carlton Working Men’s Club a new lease of life.

Plumbers and engineers from across the county came to lend a hand at the event last Saturday, and then into Sunday due to the sheer amount of work needed.

Mark Woodward moved from down south and was welcomed with open arms at the club - and when committee members called an emergency meeting to help out, he was more than happy to help.

After checking the boiler on the site, he knew something needed to be done - and fast - as the club was ‘haemorrhaging’ money.

His wife Gemma told the Chronicle: “Mark is part of the pool team at the club.

“He was welcomed with open arms there even though he’s a southerner.

“He volunteered to be on the committee following an emergency meeting and when he went to check the boiler he said they must be haemorrhaging money - it all started from there.

“Pumps and insulation were donated and then charity Warriors of Warmth got involved to help out.

“It was then turned into a charity day, with painting and work.

“It was only meant to be Saturday but because of the amount of work it went through to Sunday, too.”