A BARNSLEY woman has took it upon herself to improve local bridleways.

An increase in problems on bridleways for horse riders in Shafton, Brierley, Cudworth and Grimethorpe, has prompted her action.

Julie said: “Having owned horses for 30 years, the problem in the last few years has got significantly worse.

“I understand that off-road bikers and the problems with unscrupulous horse owners having loose horses especially, has caused land owners to take away any access we had to any off-road riding.”

In the area, there are more than 200 horses, all of whom have to use busy 60mph roads to be able to access the better quality bridleways in Cudworth and Hemsworth.

Julie added: “In our area, we have hardly any hazard signs warning motorists of the potential of horse riders in the area.”

Julie has sent multiple emails to councillors and has visited the local parish council meetings.

She said: “The local councillors are being very supportive. They’re all giving me advice.

“I can’t explain how bad things are. People would have to come out and have a look for themselves.”