THE distraught owner of a nine-year-old Italian Spinone dog is urging people to be wary after her pet died from being poisoned in Kexborough.

Carol Wolstenholme, of Darton, said that Mabel was part of the family and would go absolutely everywhere.

She described Mabel’s death earlier this week as the ‘most horrific’ death she has ever seen, and she wants to share her story to prevent a similar outcome for anyone else.

“Mabel was fine on Sunday night,” she said.

“She was a bit lethargic but her breed is quite laid back and chilled already so it wasn’t out of the ordinary.

“My husband got up to get a drink and when he saw her she’d vomited blood everywhere.

“It was horrific - there was blood all over.

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“She was as fit as a fiddle, she’d just had the all clear from the vets.”

Mabel died just as Carol had arrived at the vets, and she thinks she’s pinpointed the moment her beloved pooch came into contact with the poison - at a park near Priestley Avenue in Kexborough.

“It was rat poison that killed her,” she added.

“Lots of people have messaged me saying they’ve lost their dog in the same park.

“If people are putting down rat poison, why aren’t there any signs or more humane traps being used?

“It is ridiculous - we’re distraught, she was our world.

“This can’t happen to anyone else.”