AN inspiring Darton youngster who was born without part of his left hand is hoping to raise thousands for a ‘life-changing’ bionic arm - which will help him finally carry out day-to-day tasks.

Joshua Sanders, 15, has spent his life adjusting to his situation and is not one to complain about what life has given him.

He plays cricket for Kexborough and even plays the guitar, but his dad - 41-year-old Craig - says the arm will change the way he’s able to live.

He told the Chronicle: “He was born with a partial left hand.

“He’s had to learn to do things that we’d be able to without thinking.

“Over the last few years he’s started to play cricket but one thing he does find difficult is the batting.

“He’s getting to the point where he wants to start to drive.

“He has his heart set on getting a moped but for that he’d need two arms.

“It’s the other basics, too - when we went to Bristol to Open Bionics he was trying to cut his bacon but struggled.

“It’s the simple things that the arm will be able to help him with.”

Joshua is naturally left handed, making writing incredibly hard for him - but Craig says he’s been able to handle everything life has thrown at him so far.

“He’s never been one to bring it up,” he added.

“He only ever asks for help when he really, really needs it - he just gets on with it.

“Joshua should be left handed so writing at school is difficult.

“He’s been given a laptop to use instead.

“He’s having to learn to use his right hand.”

Royston youngster eight-year-old Tommy Dengel recently received the same hero arm - and his grandma Jane Hewitt met Joshua before Tommy was even born.

It’s through this link that Joshua was chosen as one of three children - alongside youngsters Alexia and Thalia - for the funding for the bionic arm.

The arm that the families are fundraising for uses special sensors to detect muscle movements, meaning that it’s easier to control the hand with ‘intuitive, life-like precision’.

Open Bionics Foundation have pledged to give Joshya £5,000 towards his aim, whilst the Worshipful Company of the Glovers have also provided a further £3,000.

A target of £16,000 has been set for those involved - and they’ve already managed to surpass £3,500 in less than a week.

Joshua has a goal of reaching their target by Christmas.

“The fundraiser has done really well so far,” Craig added.

“We’re hoping to keep that momentum going and Joshua wants to hit the target by Christmas.

“He’s up at Darton Academy and we’re hoping to put on a show there at the end of October.

“The school are helping to fundraise as well - we’ve got a few things lined up.

“This could be life-changing for him.”

Anyone who wishes to donate can do so here.