A YORKSHIRE paranormal group has been to Barnsley on its latest ghost-hunting mission.

WAH Paranormal, a Maltby-based group which investigates haunted places, visited Gee Vee Travel’s coach depot at Stairfoot, last Thursday night.

Andrew Pollard, 49, who formed the group with neighbours Wendy Whitehouse, 65, and her daughter Hayley, 38, said: “Wendy’s husband Barry is a coach driver at Gee Vee and he told us that one of the mechanics had said that he didn’t like working at night as he felt as though there was something there and odd things happened.

“The company was great and said we could go along. We were there for over two hours last Thursday night and there was activity straightaway.

“We use audio equipment and K2 meters - there was definitely a presence there.”

Andy added: “We set up the group last year - myself and Wendy are into the paranormal because we both lost a parent.

“I lost my dad to cancer in 2003 and Wendy lost her mum last year. Her daughter Hayley is just really interested in finding out what is actually happening.”

It’s not the first time the group has been to Barnsley to investigate.

Earlier this year they visited Wombwell Woods’ so-called ‘convicts’ tunnel’.

“It’s the place we got the most activity,” Andrew said. “It is believed to have once been a stop-off point for convicts from Wakefield prison, which is why it got the name.

“We had activity as soon as we got there.”

Andrew’s scariest experience was at Rufford Abbey in Nottinghamshire.

“It can be scary and I’m not planning to go back there - we heard ‘get out Andrew’, something or someone shoved me and grabbed me. It was very unnerving.”

Despite admitting to getting a lot of stick about their interest in the paranormal, the group is keen to hear about any other venues that might be haunted.

“It’s all down to interpretation and personal choice and if anyone thinks they know somewhere where there might be paranormal activity then we would love to hear from them.”