A CLIMATE change campaigner who travelled 200 miles to protest in London has vowed to continue working with the controversial Just Stop Oil group - despite having been arrested more than a dozen times.

David Nixon, of Kirkstall Road, Barnsley, has already spent two spells in jail this year for blocking the Kingsbury Oil Terminal in Warwickshire and was arrested again in London last weekend for obstructing the highway.

The 36-year-old was one of 61 campaigners who sat on Charing Cross Road, Kensington High Street, Harleyford Street and Blackfriars Road on Saturday, demanding the government halts new oil licences.

Just Stop Oil’s members have also sparked controversy by damaging fine artworks and vandalising luxury shops and car dealers, as well as daubing Scotland Yard - the Met Police’s headquarters - with paint.

But David - who told the Chronicle this week that he understood the public’s frustration with the group’s actions having been forcibly removed from a road by a motorist on Saturday - vowed to continue taking part in the protests.

“I totally appreciate that our decision to block roads disrupts people’s days, especially so given how fragile the economy is,” he said.

“But if serious, fast action isn’t taken by the government to invest in renewable energy and stop oil operations in the North Sea, we’re doomed - it’s code red time and we need to salvage something as it will be too late.

“There’s no grey area anymore - it’s now black and white, completely clear.

“Whether it’s the right way to go about it or not, we have been left with no choice but to disrupt.

“We didn’t want that, but they are the only tactics we have left at our disposal - personally I written to Dan Jarvis, MP for Barnsley Central, and Barnsley Council but neither’s worked.

“At least our members are trying, we’re attempting to force change by doing something and I will continue my efforts.”

The actions over the weekend follows a month of continuous disruption by supporters of Just Stop Oil, which have resulted in around 700 arrests.

David revealed Just Stop Oil provide its members with mental and physical training if altercations - such as the one he was involved in - occur, but believes many members of the public appreciate the protesters’ work.

He added: “Surprisingly more bystanders are seeing the plight we’re in and we even had a lady sit beside us on Saturday.

“The police, too, see our viewpoint and support is growing for the cause as the result of not doing anything truly will be catastrophic.

“How much worse do our descriptions of what lies ahead have to get before we act to try to salvage what we can?”